ASS02 Asset registers

ASS02 Asset registers

This Skillspak explains the set up and management of asset registers how they are maintained and explains issues around their procurement

On completion of this Skillspak, you will be able to:

  • Prepare an asset referencing strategy
  • Gather and record asset information using appropriate survey techniques
  • Review and select appropriate system for establishing and maintaining asset registers



Price: AUD87.00 (AUD95.70, including GST for purchases in Australia)

Price: $87.00

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About the Author

Murray Walls
Advanced Facility Management

Murray is a highly skilled professional with a proven history of successful facility management over the last 20 years across a number of national and international companies. Murray’s expertise includes specialised knowledge in the development and implementation of quality operational, risk planning and performance based asset management systems to various complex infrastructure sites. His experience includes the mobilisation and operations of Defence comprehensive maintenance services for Dept. of Defence, Science & Research Facilities as well as numerous Public Private Partnership (PPP) contracts. Murray is principle consultant at Advanced FM Services Australia (AFMSA).

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