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Liz Grant

Your Marketing Team

Liz has been helping businesses achieve significant growth for more than 20 years. She has qualifications in business and finance and is an experienced facilitator, and strategy and marketing professional. Liz is a specialist in understanding customers – what they really want, where they gather, and how to engage with them – to create productive relationships and grow business. She works with management and teams at all levels and has experience in a range of industries. Liz has worked with some of Australia’s more prominent brands, including Australia Post and Macquarie Bank, as well as many small and medium businesses.

Your Marketing Team

Your Marketing Team is a marketing consultancy specialising in business growth based on strong market fundamentals. One of these fundamentals is ensuring that business understands, is meeting and continues to meet customer needs. Your Marketing Team works with corporate teams to identify and understand both internal and external customers and plan to manage and deliver to customer expectations. The company also works with small to medium businesses to create and execute growth focused marketing plans, covering areas including customer research, branding, promotions, social media and sales training.