Skillspak – the one-stop-shop for all your ‘just-in-time’ learning needs.

are short on-line courses designed to get your skills up-to-speed fast, filling those skills gaps that arise when you least expect them.

What is a Skillspak? - it’s a set of instructions about how to undertake specific tasks.  Instructions are presented visually, by audio and by written text.  To help you even more, Skillspak has tools and templates that you can download to help you to practice your new-found skills.

Use a Skillspak to boost your skills in a range of industries including: Facilities Management, Property Management, Project Management, Corporate Real Estate, General Management, Sustainability, Heating & Ventilating, Electrical and Surveying.

All Skillspaks can be completed in under two hours.

If you need help - right here, right now.  The solution is Skillspak.