become an author

Turn your knowledge into ongoing revenue

How often have you written a white paper or prepared a presentation and felt it could generate a return on your investment?  Skillspak offers you, a subject matter expert, the opportunity to generate ongoing income for your intellectual property.

The principle of the Skillspak concept is that you, the author, provides fmedge, the publisher, with content.  fmedge compiles this into an on-line short course and makes it available for sale to a global market.

Once published, you and fmedge have a joint responsibility for marketing your Skillspaks, with both parties sharing in the income generated.

fmedge provides the delivery platform and takes on all the administration and financial management.

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On what platform will my contribution be published?

Your contribution will be published on a fully e-commerce enabled specialist web site.  Your contribution will be compiled into an interactive package that users will access on-line.

How do I contribute and in what form?

You will be given detailed guidance on how to prepare your contribution and provided with a series of templates.  Your contribution will be submitted in a PowerPoint file, accompanied by a text, activities and tools and templates.

How will my contribution be promoted?

You will be jointly responsible along with fmedge to promote your contribution.  Promotion will be via our respective web sites and other channels being negotiated by fmedge.

Who owns the IP?

You will retain the intellectual property for all content contained in your contribution. fmedge will retain the intellectual property of the product branding and packaging, the web site and all related processes etc.  You will licence fmedge to use your IP for the purposes of delivering it via the specialist web site.

How do I achieve a return on my investment?

You will receive a percentage of income received from every sale of your compiled contribution

What sort of material are you looking for?

Contributions will be focused on action outcomes.  In other words, on completion, participants will be able to undertake the related tasks.  In some circumstances, the outcomes may also relate to achieving understanding.