why skillspak?

What stops facilities management professionals from undertaking professional development?

We have identified three reasons for the lack of take-up of face-to-face training:

  • Time
  • Location
  • Cost

The facilities management job is many things, but it is certainly not 9 to 5. At an operational level FM is reactive – and that generally means long working hours and constant availability.  Given this time poor environment, it is a major challenge to commit to even one day out of the office to attend a training course.

The geographical spread of professionals, particularly in Australia is a major challenge. For professionals not located in and around the three main eastern seaboard CBDs, interstate travel means more time and more cost.

Funding has always been a significant barrier to training. Cost, of course, includes not only attendance fees, but also the cost of travel and non-productive time. Budgets, as a general rule, seem to have little room for training.

What do we have to do to break down these barriers?

During the past five years of delivering online professional development and qualification training, fmedge has experienced a growing acceptance of on-line learning as a valid learning tool. This has created a new opportunity.

The solution is Skillspak.

Skillspaks are subject and task-focused short courses, delivered on-line, that satisfy the growing demand for ‘just-in-time’ learning.

To read more about the background to the development of Skillspak, download the white paper ‘Breaking down the barriers